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Oh Corona, Go Corona


Son: Mommy, Why “the always together people have socially distanced themselves”?
Mom: (Sadly) They are engulfed by Corona
Son: C-O-R-O-N-A, mommy, who is that? And is he so powerful?
Mom: (Sadly) Good example of living apart together my son.

I own this planet. Oh, am I wrong? Do I not belong to the most powerful species? Or only I think I do? [Meanwhile Almighty: Did I send Corona? Wasn’t their EGO enough for their destruction?] Dear C-O-R-O-N-A, you make my mind muddled. The boom you had has lost its power. Well, was corona mooted for a good purpose? Did Most High thought this to be the last resort to teach us? Teach whom? Humans? Teach what? To be able to make a way out of this labyrinth of Gender, Religion, Inequality? Was he successful? Did we learn? If not, Are we worth living? Why did we suddenly changed and started caring for others? We were born to make a way by blaming others. And if we changed, why did it not last? Oh, were we just finding an escape from Corona? And when it seemed beyond all power, we showed our colors?

Oh Corona, I am scared you never knew who were you playing against.

You made
Skies without planes
Rails without trains
Vehicles without lanes

You made
People dying
Panic buying

You made
people helpless
world lifeless

But humans, being the biggest oxy-morons could decide only on an oxymoron: Social distancing.

Oh my other half, why do we forget that we are the sheer lessee of this planet and not the owners. Holding a regret, I say along with warnings, patience, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, even Coro-phobia failed to teach us. When mother nature forcefully took its control back and sent us to our rooms, learn a lesson that

We are getting a divine punishment
to not align with the divine.

Oh Corona, Go Corona

life lessons

Love you to Death, Death

Daughter: Where has that man gone, Daddy?

Father: (Thinks sadly) He is no more. Well, if no one knows, death must be knowing.

Daughter: Death!?Why is it related to every family as far as I know!?

Father: Dear, maybe not now, but sooner or later, everyone befriends him.

Daughter: I have a lot of questions. (wonders) I will write a letter to him.


Date: –

Subject: A letter of friendship from to-be-friend.

Dear Death,

Hi Death. How are things going? I am sorry I don’t know you and you too don’t. I have heard that you don’t actually believe in friendships or belonging like us. You make friends by heart indeed. That too one-on-one. But, in a relation, shouldn’t that be two ways?

Since you will be the most superior friend any which way; why do people crave for other things? Maybe, we are the most unsatisfied species overall and would never have our bucket list empty!! I have had a lot of experiences and want to experience each and every feeling also, would you be part of my bucket list too?

Each and everyone of us have our inner circle and a super infinite list of acquaintances with whom we do not have an attachment even. Death makes us feel devoted to even then! If it is this way that everyone is jealous of you that you take our loved ones from us then why people themselves don’t want to join you.

Death is an ultimatum I assume. There is a vicious circle of human here on the planet. Souls are the prisoners; our body has captured in spur-of-a-moment during our birth. Is it that death is a pay-off of the very first sin we committed as humans or as part of our existence. The most sacred thing on Earth assumed is ‘a mother giving birth to a new life and experiencing a 20 BONE CRACK’. Is this the biggest joke of the species? That we defined the biggest sin as the biggest blessing? Is this the reason, it is the ultimate pain?

Do you know, an UnderEarth world is believed! Are the death gods really appointed to balance out our sins and free the souls that we captured? Are you along with your death gods just the souls without any FLESH?? Well, its good to hear that ‘the place of FEAR’ is free of sin.


We stay complicated all our lives. How clear is that you are much clear of your work and do not deviate from your path. For you, there is only death. For us, destiny is life. Since you have all your plans ready; I would just ask you to let me achieve MY GRACE. And also, being a part of my messed-up species; don’t give me a chance of getting jealous to lose my dear ones to you. Ending it, I would say, bowing my head and heart- DARE NOT PITY.


Love you to Death, Death with a feeling of awe.


life lessons

Extremes with Extremes – FITYMI

He: Are you okay?
She: Yes!! I am acting like I am(Thinks)
He: Okay then.

Umm… Are we taught to fake things or it’s in the blood? If it’s diffused inside, story is over. If it’s not, is it required. If yes, isn’t it dangerous? If no, what is the advantage!?? Well; to be honest, we are the greatest species “The Human Species”. The word Impossible may be existing in the OXFORD Dictionary but surely not in our dictionary. Still, there is a need to fake!! Because we are doing certainly means there is a need. Being the most omnipotent species; and there is a need. Is it a question to our competency? Or maybe this time the fight is not for the species; it is within the species. Fight between the most powerful and the most powerful.

Human perceptions have a great impact on not only just how a person perceive but also on how much connected he/she is. Meaning, the more connected the one is; more the perception will spread and make others to have the same perception. A certain ratio of people has tipping effect on certain things. That’s the theory of epidemic-ity(The Epidemic Effect). In a sense, the most powerful game played by the most powerful species. Using powerful repetitively; I am forcing you to think that isn’t it strange that even then we indulge in such doltish behaviour that too mostly for our mundane tasks. The happening at such scale implies the need automatically.

I personally do it and, why shouldn’t we? Maybe; it’s the only way to deal with the species and who do not agree “What we show is what others perceive” that too with confidence. Plainly, Confidence has large effect on performance.
In fact, believe me there is nothing wrong in embellishing things until you make it. If it does not make things happen at first go; at least it lights up hope and courage to eventually make it. The only problem with us is when we find a way out, we forget our extents. And so, took birth the “Imposter Syndrome”.
Truly, A man’s reach should exceed his grasp!
Just Fake it and eventually Make it. Own your Flaws and make things happen.

And do remember; All it takes is a little nerve to fake and a lot of nerve to make 😊


Way out of LABYRINTH

regrets and flaws

She: You think I wanted to turn out this way!?
He: Hey? Coffee?
She: Nope! That’s dangerous! It keeps me up all night…

What is life about? Is it about counting the faux pas or the fatal blunders? Or calculating your belonging-ness level? Or is it about how accepted you are? Or whom are you dating? I guess rather than being stuck with the answers; we get bogged down with the questions only! Or better said, we are lured into
Well; It’s just a great deal of little things!

The central idea of our mind map are the big things in our head. And why shouldn’t they be. We, humans are most obsessed with the so called BIG THINGS: Money, Health, Relationships. The Big and the Bad- few in a million are the ones that affect us the most rather than the little things that occupy most of the lives. By affect, I obviously mean REGRET-TING. Instead, I am asking you to use it as rule-of-thumb for a bright future.
We hear a lot of people saying “Life isn’t short” But it is. It is for both: those who are focused and who lost their focus.

People will come in your life as strangers, get close and simply leave as strangers again. Practically, an individual’s life is filled with distractions and passers-by. With the hope of finding purpose, we are merely lost. Lost in the LABYRINTH: Labyrinth of life with some small as well as big regrets. But why to be sad? Nobody is perfect. Everyone has REGRETS and FLAWS. Rather We become we because of our regrets and flaws.
I am not sure; who agrees and who do not. That’s totally a perspective. But these are some of the little things we tend to neglect:

  • Before waking up to world; wake up to yourself.
  • The craziness when you are in one of the best outfits of your wardrobe.
  • Believe me; no day can be better than FRIDAY.
  • That one special recipe of your MOM.
  • Not to forget the Food Trucks and the pancakes.

So, instead of finding hope in labyrinth of life; just find your own satisfaction level. Find your inner circle. Sit Down and talk to them. Mind it, by inner circle, I mean to calculate the risk and return. After all, our species need maximum return in minimum risk.
Be Optimistic. Be Flawsome. Be Imperfectly Perfect.
That’s not just the hope but the WAY OUT OF LABYRINTH..!:)



love-feelingIs the pour of feeling of original feeling hindering the eventual course of feeling?
Human race have had a great history of evolution. We, in the womb only start enduring part of our primary senses. Feel being the blend of them as it forms the driving force of human behaviour.
Feel? Feeling? Why do we feel? Is the connection LOVE?
We have been taught about plenty of things – Trust, Patience, Independence and more. In actuality, they did not fend us even from the caste/religion discrimination; then isn’t one of the most important lesson left being taught? Maybe, this is the reason we scout for people to help us even at such matured ages. Age; at which we are still struggling to define LOVE! Unmistakably, we have clearly misunderstood LOVE.

Love has occupied a pivotal role in our expectations and forth comings. Love songs, movies and novels have emphasized great hopes within us. Young folks wind up learning about sex, love from other peers, www, media or through exposure to pornography. Despite that, true love is believed to be in toxic, unmistakable; an obsessive attraction. Basically, even as an amateur, we learnt paradoxes and ironies. Being unrealistic and impractical or likely said ‘living in your world’ is most relatable to our generation particularly; as it helps us escape from real stuffs. And fantasizing about love forms the heart core of it. May be not told; but

Fantasies need to break up
Realities need to lace up
Making a tongue-in-cheek remark, each belief is making us realize that LOVE is the biggest enemy of its own.

We all crave for love at some point- the selfless, unconditional, natural love BUT is it not also selfish, conditional, painful too? If its that beautiful, then why are we taught to stay away from it? Is it the reason we are afraid to even think of falling for it? Hasn’t it created HASSLE?

I guess this is the time we must realize the trap we are into or simply put- LOVE CAN BE EASILY REPLACED BY OXYMORON. Some say: we choose whom we want to get hurt from? Is it that we are determining cost of love?

Plainly, there is a need to duck out of the bait given anonymously, sit back and enjoy giving it your definition and fall for it. Since this is sure, you cannot be sure about it later too. Stay tuned and have healthy LOVE LIFE.