love-feelingIs the pour of feeling of original feeling hindering the eventual course of feeling?
Human race have had a great history of evolution. We, in the womb only start enduring part of our primary senses. Feel being the blend of them as it forms the driving force of human behaviour.
Feel? Feeling? Why do we feel? Is the connection LOVE?
We have been taught about plenty of things – Trust, Patience, Independence and more. In actuality, they did not fend us even from the caste/religion discrimination; then isn’t one of the most important lesson left being taught? Maybe, this is the reason we scout for people to help us even at such matured ages. Age; at which we are still struggling to define LOVE! Unmistakably, we have clearly misunderstood LOVE.

Love has occupied a pivotal role in our expectations and forth comings. Love songs, movies and novels have emphasized great hopes within us. Young folks wind up learning about sex, love from other peers, www, media or through exposure to pornography. Despite that, true love is believed to be in toxic, unmistakable; an obsessive attraction. Basically, even as an amateur, we learnt paradoxes and ironies. Being unrealistic and impractical or likely said ‘living in your world’ is most relatable to our generation particularly; as it helps us escape from real stuffs. And fantasizing about love forms the heart core of it. May be not told; but

Fantasies need to break up
Realities need to lace up
Making a tongue-in-cheek remark, each belief is making us realize that LOVE is the biggest enemy of its own.

We all crave for love at some point- the selfless, unconditional, natural love BUT is it not also selfish, conditional, painful too? If its that beautiful, then why are we taught to stay away from it? Is it the reason we are afraid to even think of falling for it? Hasn’t it created HASSLE?

I guess this is the time we must realize the trap we are into or simply put- LOVE CAN BE EASILY REPLACED BY OXYMORON. Some say: we choose whom we want to get hurt from? Is it that we are determining cost of love?

Plainly, there is a need to duck out of the bait given anonymously, sit back and enjoy giving it your definition and fall for it. Since this is sure, you cannot be sure about it later too. Stay tuned and have healthy LOVE LIFE.

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