Way out of LABYRINTH

regrets and flaws

She: You think I wanted to turn out this way!?
He: Hey? Coffee?
She: Nope! That’s dangerous! It keeps me up all night…

What is life about? Is it about counting the faux pas or the fatal blunders? Or calculating your belonging-ness level? Or is it about how accepted you are? Or whom are you dating? I guess rather than being stuck with the answers; we get bogged down with the questions only! Or better said, we are lured into
Well; It’s just a great deal of little things!

The central idea of our mind map are the big things in our head. And why shouldn’t they be. We, humans are most obsessed with the so called BIG THINGS: Money, Health, Relationships. The Big and the Bad- few in a million are the ones that affect us the most rather than the little things that occupy most of the lives. By affect, I obviously mean REGRET-TING. Instead, I am asking you to use it as rule-of-thumb for a bright future.
We hear a lot of people saying “Life isn’t short” But it is. It is for both: those who are focused and who lost their focus.

People will come in your life as strangers, get close and simply leave as strangers again. Practically, an individual’s life is filled with distractions and passers-by. With the hope of finding purpose, we are merely lost. Lost in the LABYRINTH: Labyrinth of life with some small as well as big regrets. But why to be sad? Nobody is perfect. Everyone has REGRETS and FLAWS. Rather We become we because of our regrets and flaws.
I am not sure; who agrees and who do not. That’s totally a perspective. But these are some of the little things we tend to neglect:

  • Before waking up to world; wake up to yourself.
  • The craziness when you are in one of the best outfits of your wardrobe.
  • Believe me; no day can be better than FRIDAY.
  • That one special recipe of your MOM.
  • Not to forget the Food Trucks and the pancakes.

So, instead of finding hope in labyrinth of life; just find your own satisfaction level. Find your inner circle. Sit Down and talk to them. Mind it, by inner circle, I mean to calculate the risk and return. After all, our species need maximum return in minimum risk.
Be Optimistic. Be Flawsome. Be Imperfectly Perfect.
That’s not just the hope but the WAY OUT OF LABYRINTH..!:)

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