life lessons

Extremes with Extremes – FITYMI

He: Are you okay?
She: Yes!! I am acting like I am(Thinks)
He: Okay then.

Umm… Are we taught to fake things or it’s in the blood? If it’s diffused inside, story is over. If it’s not, is it required. If yes, isn’t it dangerous? If no, what is the advantage!?? Well; to be honest, we are the greatest species “The Human Species”. The word Impossible may be existing in the OXFORD Dictionary but surely not in our dictionary. Still, there is a need to fake!! Because we are doing certainly means there is a need. Being the most omnipotent species; and there is a need. Is it a question to our competency? Or maybe this time the fight is not for the species; it is within the species. Fight between the most powerful and the most powerful.

Human perceptions have a great impact on not only just how a person perceive but also on how much connected he/she is. Meaning, the more connected the one is; more the perception will spread and make others to have the same perception. A certain ratio of people has tipping effect on certain things. That’s the theory of epidemic-ity(The Epidemic Effect). In a sense, the most powerful game played by the most powerful species. Using powerful repetitively; I am forcing you to think that isn’t it strange that even then we indulge in such doltish behaviour that too mostly for our mundane tasks. The happening at such scale implies the need automatically.

I personally do it and, why shouldn’t we? Maybe; it’s the only way to deal with the species and who do not agree “What we show is what others perceive” that too with confidence. Plainly, Confidence has large effect on performance.
In fact, believe me there is nothing wrong in embellishing things until you make it. If it does not make things happen at first go; at least it lights up hope and courage to eventually make it. The only problem with us is when we find a way out, we forget our extents. And so, took birth the “Imposter Syndrome”.
Truly, A man’s reach should exceed his grasp!
Just Fake it and eventually Make it. Own your Flaws and make things happen.

And do remember; All it takes is a little nerve to fake and a lot of nerve to make 😊

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